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DCEPUB provides premier Healthcare services to many clients across various specialty provider types. DCEPUB take care to focus on core competencies, brings operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, lower cost, domain knowledge, faster turnaround time and improves cash flow. We ensure data security and trust to our client as our competence is 100% HIPPA complaint. We have a team of employees having more than 6+ years of experience in US Medical billing industry who are well versed in Medical coding, payer precise billing guidelines and efficient revenue cycle management to deliver high quality services to our clients.

Medical Coding
We at DCEPUB have specialized Medical Coders from AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) having extensive experience in CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS coding and payer specific policy across a variety of specialty. We provide utmost quality of Medical Coding services which results in clean claims, fewer denials, less AR follow up days and thus increasing profits for our clients.

Insurance eligibility and Benefits Verification
We do verify by calling insurance companies prior to the patient visit about Patient insurance eligibility, benefits, PCP information in case of HMO plans and referral or authorization requirements are different or not matching for the treatment require. Patient is notified if not eligible with the insurance which helps to raise patient satisfaction level and to decide about the next course of treatment for patient. Proper eligibility and insurance verification helps to improve delayed payments and fewer denials.

Patient demographic Entry
Patient information is entered per information received from client. This would include patient name, DOB, Gender, address, city, state, zip code, SSN, guarantor information.

Patient insurance entry
As we know that the patient insurance information needs to be entered per information received from client and insurance cards. This would include primary insurance, secondary insurance, policy ID, subscriber information and relation to patient.

Charge Entry
Charge Entry is done precisely per client requirements and specification based on super bill received which would include entering Date of services, CPT, ICD-9, modifiers, CPT to ICD-9 compatibility, referring provider, ordering provider, place of service, location, authorization or referral details and co-pay posting.

Payment posting
Payment posting service consists of cash posting per EOB for primary and secondary insurances, insurance adjustments, billing of patient for co-insurance and deductibles and posting payments received from patients.

Denial Management
In this management system we make sure about the claims denied by insurance companies are tracked, managed, corrected and resubmitted to insurance with all the essential documents. Disputed claims are appealed as and when required. The denials are reviewed to know and find out the mistakes, the source of denial and a solution is implemented globally to avoid same mistakes in coming future.

AR follow-up
Here, we do make the calls to insurance companies to check the status of the unpaid claims. Follow up dates needs to assign to the unpaid claims to make sure that nothing falls through the crack. Effective AR calling increases the revenue for the client and helps to control the Revenue Cycle, reduces timely filing denials and helps to find any bottle necks to develop the revenue cycle for the client.

Patient Calling
In this process we receives the calls from patient to answer any question regarding a statement/bill sent or vice-versa that we make the calls to the patient in case there is some information is missing like insurance ID, COB information etc.

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